Spice Up Your Decor with One Simple Change

 Last month many of us took down our holiday decorations from around our homes.  We removed cheery pillows from our sofas and de-tinseled  our abodes.  If you are like me then chances are this brought along the realization that we were left with our same old decor.  This does not actually mean the decorations in our homes are boring or that we've grown apart from them (a little decorator humor).  It just means that things may need a little spicing up.  A little, dare I say, change.

This leads to the actual problem.  It introduces the real elephant in the room.  Can you guess what I'm talking about.  The but it's not time to change my decor thought.  This is due to it being that weird part of the year, you know - the in between time.  Not quite time for Spring sprucing up but a little over Winter decor. 

To cure this feeling, I started moving pieces around my home.  Commenced mission Spice Up my Living Room.  I tried switching a vase here or a tray there.  When that failed to work, I decided to pull out artwork that I had been collecting for about two months.  These were fun, playful pieces such as a yellow and pink pineapple on canvas and the word love in gold script also on canvas.  

Surprise surprise, this simple change brought a smile to my face.  The crazy part is that it was something so small and simple that made me fall in love with my space all over again.   Hanging a little piece of artwork was the perfect spice that I did not know I needed.  It surprisingly cured my need for change.  So today, I thought I'd share some of my favorite artwork for inspiration and ideas for a quick refresh of your space.   I hope this fun selection gives you tons of inspiration.  Some of them are also available in several sizes.  Please enjoy!

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